Industrial & Material Science

pg58彩票Kerry Logistics provides total solutions for a full range of industrial and chemical products, from origin to destination, in total compliance with international standards.


In collaboration with producers, suppliers and end users, our professional IMS services include logistics analysis, consultancy and design, engineering, packaging and conveying, logistics process optimisation, and more.


Warehousing & Material Handling
pg58彩票 We provide bonded and non-bonded storage, bagging and bulking, ISO tank/container management, raw materials and finished goods management to batch/lot level, and customised reports with our fully-licensed and ISO-certified facilities.


Freight and Distribution Management
Our freight solutions cover domestic and international freight, customs registration and clearance, export shipment and customs declaration, customised transportation for bulk liquids/dry bulk/packed products, single/multi-compartment equipment, and stainless steel/rubber-lined/insulated storage.


On-Site Logistics
pg58彩票 We provide in-plant logistics – from design and engineering to operations – covering bagging, drumming, tank or bulk container loading, container stuffing, and container yard operations.


Value-added Services
Our value-added services include picking and packing, labelling and weighing, sampling, filling and transferring, drumming and blending, packaging and repackaging, disposal logistics, and more.